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We often meet on the second Wednesday of each month, generally but not always at the Arlington Heights Public Library, and this is announced at the above website.  Our meetings, films, lectures and expos are posted here as well, and we also announce other local events pertaining to GMOs.  If you are having an event, let us know at IRTKGMO[at]gmail[dot]com so we can consider it for posting on our Meetup page.

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Don't buy Genetically Engineered Foods.  (GMO's).   Money talks!  Vote with your dollars by not buying Genetically Engineered food.  Manufacturers listen.  If sales decline even by 5%, they will take notice and act!  Every little bit counts.

Invite us to your event.  We can send speakers to your event to talk about many aspects of  genetically engineered food.

We can offer:
  • HANDOUTS:  We can attend your event to give information to your attendees.  We give out flyers, brochures, other information and answer questions people have about genetically engineered food and the Illinois bill.
  • PRESENTATIONS:  We can give presentation on genetically engineered food, anywhere from 30 to 60 min, with a question and answer period.  Content may include explaining what GMOs are, the foods they are found in and how to avoid them, effects on health, legislative updates and related topics.
  • MODERATE A DISCUSSION AFTER A DVD SHOWING:  Host a film screening and discussion (see DVDs under the Learn More menu).  
  • SOMETHING ELSE:  You propose it and we will see if we can do it!
If you are interested in having our group at your event, e-mail IRTKGMO[at]gmail[dot]com.
Please include as much information as you can about the event, location, date, time, expected numbers of attendees and whether you want us to HANDOUT INFORMATION or GIVE A PRESENTATION.   Please notify us well in advance of the event so we can prepare for it.