Monday, July 6, 2020


As readers of this blog probably know, our efforts towards mandatory GMO labeling at either the Federal or State level did not achieve exactly the results we had hoped for. 

But we believe that Illinois Right to Know GMO was successful in educating thousands of consumers in Illinois and beyond about the problems caused by genetic engineering as applied to food crops today, especially in creating crops that could withstand applications of GLYPHOSATE, a toxic and likely carcinogenic weed killer.

This information, could, in turn, reduce the market for genetically engineered foods, thus enhancing the market for organically grown foods and other foods not genetically engineered. 

Pictures from the many events we created or participated in are posted at the website below. 

These included rallies in large public spaces and family friendly marches with thousands of participants, as well as smaller educational activities, all planned and executed by a small team of volunteers during the 1990's.

Photos of some of these events are posted at:

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