Saturday, February 22, 2020


From the Politico Morning Agriculture Report for September 8, 2016:

GMO Labeling Reality Check:   Bad news for anyone holding out hope that the Agriculture Department might somehow finish the statutorily required labeling rule before the end of the Obama administration:  

On a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Vilsack responded to a question about the matter with the following comment:  
"I think the practical reality is that the rule itself... may take longer than this administration has."  Vilsack said the rule probably won't et past the comment stage before he's out of his current position, adding that his aim is to build "a versa strong foundation" for his successor. 


What does this mean for consumers?  For now it means that consumers wishing to buy non-GMO foods need to either look for the Non-GMO Project "butterfly" label or for the USDA Organic label.