Saturday, October 15, 2016

Live Stream from the Hague

Dear supporter of the Monsanto Tribunal,

We are experiencing something very special here today. Representatives from movements all over the world have travelled to The Hague for the Monsanto Tribunal and the parallel People’s Assembly. On this World Food Day we will conquer language and culture barriers to strengthen the world food movement. You are supporting this and you are part of it. This is great! We all need this movement to put an end to the era of unpunished poisoning and exploitation of the earth as soon as possible.

Please follow us online and watch the livestream (just click on your preferred language, followed by "prev") from the Tribunal.

See our updates on our Facebook page.  [here is a live link:] You do not need to be a member to view our videos and pictures there. If you have an account though, please share them, like us and invite your friends to do the same. 

And if you are on twitter, follow us @monsantotribun, retweet us and all the others that tweet about the Tribunal and the People's Assembly. Tweeting about the Tribunal is a great way to show your support! The # of the day for Saturday 15th is #MonsantoEcocide (and we’ll send you a new one for Sunday 16th).

If you have not donated recently, please do it now [here is a live link: ] if you can afford it. We need your support to strengthen the movement, to give the victims a voice and a platform and to take on Monsanto, Bayer and their likes. 

The era of pesticides and war against nature is coming to an end. We are now entering the era of agroecology, of cooperation with nature to share life on earth and enjoy its abundance. We refuse more chemical warfare, patenting of life, junk food, land grabs and dependence of farmers on large corporations. Instead, we are standing together for a world where we reward farmers for their very important work, celebrate biodiversity, take care of healthy soils, and supply land for those who will use it wisely to grow good food for all.

Help us to move forward, be part of the movement.

Thank you!