Friday, September 9, 2016

What Really Happened with the DARK Act?

The enactment of the DARK Act  (so called by its opponents because it would Deny Americans the Right to Know) was the product not only of plenty of money from industry, but also of major betrayal by groups that had appeared to be supportive of meaningful labeling of genetically engineered foods.

In fact, the DARK Act could be compared with a life-preserver bearing the words "Life Preserver" clearly written on the cover, but filled with lead that would drag the unlucky person depending on it  right to the bottom of the sea!

One of the clearest articles exposing the complex machinations employed by industry and false friends to foist the DARK Act upon us was published this week in The Cultivator, the quarterly newsletter of the Cornucopia Institute.

If you would like to read the Cornucopia Institute's excellent summary of the "story behind the story"of the DARK Act, click here. 

We urge readers to thank the Cornucopia Institute -- a small organization that punches way above it's weight and deserves your support!  Their "donate" button is front and center on their home page!