Saturday, July 30, 2016

The President Signed the DARK Act into Law

July 30, 2016.   Yesterday was a difficult day for all of us who have worked so hard for mandatory, clear, on-package labeling of genetically engineered foods. 


The President signed S. 764 -- a sham labeling bill that will truly Deny Americans the Right to Know.   Among other things this cruel charade of a law will: 

 -- Prohibit state labeling legislation (including Vermont's that had was in the process of being enforced),

-- Allow companies to "label" genetically engineered foods by indirect means such as QR codes, telephone numbers, URLs or other devices that will force consumers to spend precious time and energy to learn what is in their foods,

-- Impose no penalties for non-compliance, giving industry a "Get Out of Jail Free" card for ignoring this law.

In addition, the DARK Act could exclude from labeling many foods that should be labeled - perhaps exempting most processed foods.

This is clearly a bad situation, but we need to keep on working!  

We know you may be disappointed and even exhausted.  You have been handing out leaflets, speaking to friends and associates, helping at public events, responding to action alerts from IRGKGMO and many other organizations, and doing all the things that need to be done to bring about change.  

We need to keep right on working, but now in a different arena!

We have already brought about change!  Have you noticed that more people know what GMO means?  Have you noticed that more and more people are looking for the Non-GMO Project label when they shop?  Have you noticed that several companies (even some of the biggest ones) now label?

We're not quitting!

In the coming weeks we will be working on more strategies to build public awareness. 
When we can convey the hazards to health, environment and food security in compelling ways, and as more and more people become aware of the outrageous behavior of industry in promoting this hazardous technology, we can achieve our goals.  

Do not give up!  

Now more than ever your ideas and your energy are important!   Get involved with Illinois Right to Know GMO and some other the other great organizations working to bring about change.  Support them with your funds and your action as you are able.  Both are important. 

The DARK Act is headed for the President's Desk

July 17, 2017, the DARK Act has been passed by Congress and is headed for the President's desk.  

Friday, July 29, 2016

White House Denies We the People Petition

On July 9 a "We the People Petition" was submitted to the White House asking the President to veto the DARK Act on the grounds that it discriminated on the basis of poverty, disability and on other grounds.   In a few days the petition and received more than the 100,000 names required to be considered by the White House.  The petition itself and the response from the White House may be read at:

The President signed this bill July 29, 2016.

Read here for more about this bill and the reactions thereto.

For more information about this bill, see Consumer's Union's letter in opposition.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Elizabeth Kucinich: What's Wrong with the DARK Act

Food and Agriculture Consultant Elizabeth Kucinich, wife of former U. S. Representative Dennis Kucinich discusses what is wrong with the DARK Act in this six minute video.
To watch, click here.